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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department of Economics

Working Papers

  • Christopher Jeffords, Lanse Minkler

    Do Constitutions Matter? The Effects of Constitutional Environmental Rights Provisions on Environmental Outcomes

    WP# 20014-16  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Tim Friehe, Thomas J. Miceli

    Focusing Law Enforcement When Offenders Can Choose Location

    WP# 2014-015  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Lisi Shi, Richard M. H. Suen

    The Macroeconomic Consequences of Asset Bubbles and Crashes

    WP# 2014-14  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Thomas J. Miceli

    Economic Models of Law

    WP# 2014-13  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Elizabeth Kaletski, Nishith Prakash

    Does Political Reservation for Minorities Affect Child Labor? Evidence from India

    WP# 2014-12  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Stephen M. Miller, Luis F. Martins, Rangan Gupta

    A Time-Varying Approach of the US Welfare Cost of Inflation

    WP# 2014-11  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Goodness C. Aye, Rangan Gupta, Stephen M. Miller, Mehmet Balcilar

    Forecasting US Real Private Residential Fixed Investment Using a Large Number of Predictors

    WP# 2014-10  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Tim Friehe, Thomas J. Miceli

    Marginal Deterrence When Offenders Act Sequentially

    WP# 2014-09  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Thomas J. Miceli, Kathleen Segerson

    Opportunism in Sequential Investment Settings: On Holdups and Holdouts

    WP# 2014-08  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Paul Hallwood, Thomas J. Miceli

    Unearthing T. Rex: The Law and Economics of Paleontological Finds

    WP# 2014-07  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  

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