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University of Connecticut College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Department of Economics

Working Papers

  • Richard N. Langlois

    The Institutional Approach to Economic History: Connecting the Two Strands

    WP# 2013-33  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Thomas J. Miceli, Matthew J. Baker

    Economic Models of Law: Introduction

    WP# 2013-32  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Jason M. Fletcher, Stephen L. Ross, Yuxiu Zhang

    The Determinants and Consequences of Friendship Composition

    WP# 2013-31  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Eric J. Brunner, Stephen L. Ross, Rebecca K. Simonsen

    Homeowners, Renters and the Political Economy of Property Taxation

    WP# 2013-30  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Metin M. Cosgel, Thomas J. Miceli


    WP# 2013-29  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Metin M. Cosgel

    The Fiscal Regime of an Expanding State: Political Economy of Ottoman Taxation

    WP# 2013-28  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Derek Johnson, Thomas J. Miceli

    Asset Forfeiture Laws and Criminal Deterrence

    WP# 2013-27  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Michael P. Stone, Thomas J. Miceli

    The Impact of Frivolous Lawsuits on Deterrence: Do They Have Some Redeeming Value?

    WP# 2013-26  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Kai Zhao

    War Finance and the Baby Boom

    WP# 2013-25  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  
  • Karthik Muralidharan, Nishith Prakash

    Cycling to School: Increasing Secondary School Enrollment for Girls in India

    WP# 2013-24  [abstract]  [RePEc]  [download]  

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